Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late adopter of a cold

1. I thought there was a limit on the number of colds you could get any one season. I thought I'd already passed that limit. Apparently no.

3. Taxes for an LLC with multiple partners is confusing. The thing is, the LLC doesn't have to pay taxes, but all the members do. And the paperwork... actually I don't understand the paperwork at all. I have to get to my accountant this week.

5. But you know what? I think I'm just going to end up being a late adopter of the Nikon D90.

6. The first time I really saw Alien Uprising all the way through was at the cast/crew screening. It's pretty enlightening to watch the movie with an audience. There are some music choices I'd have made differently. And, like all ultra-low-budget pictures, I missed some in-between bits of action which if we had a couple more days we might have been able to shoot. I think we'd re-do a couple visual effects shots and I'd certainly re-color-correct a couple things to match better.
And maybe if we had more time/money I'd have swallowed my pride and ADR'ed a couple scenes when the actors were standing right below a clickity strobe.
But other than that, I'm still happy with the picture. 

8. I need to buy some paint.

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