Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't have letterhead. I have business cards, just not letterhead. I just realized this when I had to come up with a lab access letter.

We have almost all the documents in place to go to the distributor. There's something on the order of a hundred pages of hard copy and 15 DVD's (data, audio mixes, and screeners).

We haven't before had to provide this much paperwork. We were ready to provide it, but we just haven't had to before. I dunno why we need to this time.

I still have to register the copyright of 1. the music and 2. the movie itself.


One thing I found very satisfying at the screening was watching the big surprise saves-the-day moment working. When I first read Josh James' screenplay to Alien Uprising the big surprise really made me happy. I was sitting on a train to New Jersey reading it on my iPhone and I said "Yes! That totally works!"

And in the movie the pacing of it does work. That's a big thanks to Henry Steady. I know that a cast and crew screening is a pretty forgiving environment, but I could feel the big "Yes!" moment working even before the applause.

Now I just want to make sure our future screenplays are at least as good!

You have no idea how close this Medium Large is to our work. Of course, the robot getting any is a staple of our pictures so we don't think of it as bad really...


Nikon lens info:
35mm f/1.4 AI-s with f/2 AF 2nd place
80-200 2.8 zoom
85mm f/2 AI-s

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Joshua James said...

hey dude, when can I get a dvd?