Monday, February 16, 2009

These are my notes.

Mach and Nathan are the same character. Mach was on the drop mission Helen was on when she wiped out the earth. Hywell was with them. Mach went back to get Helen after the burnoff. She insisted she go to Dominion Station to kill Hywell but she was trapped by Hywell and her memory erased.

Hywell is actually an alien.

The technology the robots are built on is an alien technology. Helen One was a super-weapon the aliens tried to use against the humans but instead the technology was used to build the army of androids the humans used against the aliens in the war.

Helen (our Helen) was secretly built from Helen One by Hywell to weaponize and destroy the Earth.

The robot's religion is a remnant of the alien technology they were built from.

The Helens are made differently than the other robots. They are capable of destructively altering the molecular space around them, making the atmosphere reach critical mass.

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