Monday, February 09, 2009

Done with that?

Re: Alien Uprising. Well the drive is off to the lab. Did a QC last night and found three errors so I came in early and fixed them. Hopefully that's the end. Of this round of changes, I mean.

Yeah, we're going to do one more QC DVD. Leef. Hoping that what we sent to the lab doesn't have any issues which came up without my seeing/hearing them. Keeping fingers crossed.

Provided that's all good, we need to record the commentary track and scan a hundred pages of contracts and make .pdf files of 'em. And... uh... other things. I can't think of what they are right now...

Our lab is Duplication Specialists. They have some sort of relationship with Chromavision which means I can drop off the drive at Chromavision's Manhattan location.


Actually, I always use the emoticon as the end parenthesis (because I think it looks better ;-)

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