Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Still Life Cat With Winerack

My dad designed this wine rack and it was built in his shop. I love the dual-curve design. Here Pushkin was modeling with the wine rack.

These are the notes I wrote to myself regarding what it takes to make any dang picture changes. They're done, now we send to the lab.

Step one: export new 0802 dvcpro hd 720p24 project. [Done]

Move the project from the "flat temp" folder, overwriting the original. [Done]

Export sequence "0802 pan scan intermediate 23.98" to quicktime movie for DigiBeta Flat project. [Done].

Then you should be done. I think. That is, if you make some DVD's. Oh wait, you're not done. you have to load into a timecode-generating project to make the DVD version. [Made TC gen project. Am now making TC DVD.]


jengordonthomas said...

I want one of these wine racks. How do I get one?

Andrew Bellware said...

My dad would love to be able to make these for sale, but it's a custom-built stainless wine rack so they'd never be able to sell it for less than $5000. I think they'd need to find a shop in, say, China to make them.