Monday, February 16, 2009

How long before your portfolio returns? A NYT calculator.

The East Village Opera Company. Good idea, badly executed.

The Bloggess blew my little robot mind with the following message:
111110001010101001 1010 10101010100 101010 2

That's trinary bitches!

Do you know what's missing in my life? Jackhammers right outside my window first thing in the morning. Oh no wait, that's not true.

More boring text below. Just stop reading now. Save yourselves!

Hallway 914 is outside of Medical Bay.

She’s walking through the desert. Her uniform is dirty.
She walks up to a MAN.
MACH, 20’s, lithe, handsome, dangerous, long hair, scruffy, tough.
He puts a NECKLACE with an ARTIFACT around her neck.
She points to SPACE.
I’m going back.
To Dominion station?
Behind Mach, an enormous SPACE STATION hangs in the blue sky.

Does Mach need to shut down the station? That only slows Helen Genesis, but not for terribly long. He really needs to see what Hywell is and what Hywell has done, doesn't he?
Does Valmont really need to exist as a character?
Can the Command Center be replaced by the Docking Bay?
How does Helen Genesis get from Sterling's office to the Medical Bay?
I think that Helen should get into a weaponized fight with Helen Genesis. But Helen Genesis has the imperative to save her own technology so she wants to get away from Helen.
Helen, then, starts a chain reaction which will blow the station's power plant.
And I love how

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