Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have really really bad news for my friend Chance Shirley. I think that his movie Interplanetary is beyond brilliant. It's like ur-brilliant. And... wait, what's that sound? Is there someone outside? No... no!!!. Don't listen to me! Wait. What's that? Aliens. Yes. Aliens. At the door. Make sure the shotgun is here. Warm against my hand. Four ready to go, one in the chamber. Breathe...

OK. Where was I? "Interplanetary." Yeah, it was like a religious experience. Yeah.

OK. I'm cool.

All of the movies I watched in my childhood while pretending to be asleep; from Robinson Caruso on Mars to Forbidden Planet are represented in a single motion picture.


It's like 2001 meets Office Space but with more nudity. The nuances of every single shot (not just every single scene) are exactly right. It's like... it's like Chance is in my head! Get out!! Get out of my dreams!!!! How did you know?!!?

When the Mars buggy rolled up all I could think was "YES!"

And the world of the picture is so physical -- with the spacesuits and the props and [dear Lord!] a MARS BUGGY! A FREAKIN! MARS FREAKIN!!! BUGGY!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I've calmed down.

The movie is awesome.


I think at one time I told Chance I'd give him notes. These are my notes.

Now stop filming my dreams...

What was that sound!!!??

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Chance Shirley said...

Uh... I hope the cut you watched wasn't too brilliant -- I cut two minutes out of it this past weekend.

But I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the flick. And your quote about 2001 and Office Space sounds like the movie I should have made!