Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Internet is a Time Vampire

Update: How to avoid an attack. Self-defense video. Everyone should watch this.

I should be taking the day off -- just having delivered a movie and all -- but instead I'm working on another script.

It is yet another prison planet movie. I don't really remember having written it. The date on it is 2003. I had started it before we wrote Millennium Crisis and the thing I find odd about it is its similarities to the other two prison planet movies we've made.

We've got a cargo ship which is required to land on an automated prison facility in order to pick up prisoners. They find that most of the prisoners on the planet are dead and then they are taken hostage by a band of very bad prisoners but then the remaining crew and prisoners have to band together 'gainst a greater threat just to get back to their ship.

Hmm... That's the overall idea to Alien Uprising.

And the prisoners have bio-tags, just like Solar Vengeance. What's odd is that I remember that idea coming up when QOM wrote the original story to Solar Vengeance. Since we'd done another movie in-between perhaps I totally forgot about the original idea. I have no idea who came up with it.

The characters and the threat are completely different, of course, and the ending... well right now the ending is just weird. Weird with weird sauce actually. So the movie feels nothing like the previous two. Especially when the "Borg Queen" shows up. Oh just pretend I never mentioned that...

Last night we went over the story with the Save the Cat model and it holds up. So I'm going to bang away on it for a couple weeks and if we still like it we'll begin pre-pro.

That is if I can get off the dang Internet and do some work.

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

The Night of the Living Dead on Hulu.

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