Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Took Maduka out to dinner tonight to celebrate the finishing of Alien Uprising's edit.

Valentines Day.

Greenwich Village.

Everyone thought I must be really rich to have such a hot date. That is until we proved we weren't gay by both ordering dessert.

No really, the waiter did a double-take.*

Bill Cunningham sent me a video link. OK, so this is awesome:

They do a fantastic cheat. They start off with some very nice shaky-cam motion tracked animation and then spend most of the movie in between a couple freight cars. Yes! That's the way to go!
Plus somebody on that post-production team knows how to use particle effects. The blood hits are very nice and the dust kicked up from bullets is super-duper nice.

The person I know who's the king of this kind of photo-real stuff is Ian Hubert:

*Yep, true story. I doubt that there were two men eating together at that restaurant all day who both ordered dessert.

Plus also, Robert Rodriguez 10-minute film school:

"You start that money hose going and you just can't stop it."

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