Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here is a great page which details the consensus of reviews of the Nikon D90 as a movie camera. You guys at Canon, I would totally be going in your direction if you'd provide a 24fps option on the 5D.

Conclusion: 16GB SDHC cards are under $30. Each one would have over 2 hours of record time on it (which is easily enough for a day of shooting) and you can plug the cards directly into virtually any computer.

How many lenses do I need? I think I can shoot most any movie with 2.1 lenses. We could grab virtually anything with a 35mm, an 85mm, and a macro adaptor (that's the ".1" lens). It would be amusing to have a long-ish 200mm lens (or possibly some sort of teleconverter 2x glass for the 85mm.)
I suspect that for practical reasons (cost) it might be best to go with a couple old Nikon f2.0 lenses but it sure would be fun to get a couple f1.4's wouldn't it?

I'll miss my S.S.C. lenses though... sniff...

Here's a depth of field calculator which has D90 settings available. You can save a lot of money by buying cheaper lenses which are f1.8 or f2.0 instead of f1.4. Ken Rockwell likes the Nikon 85mm f2.0. Apparently the "AI" and the "AI-s" version of that lens are the same.


Noise Industries FXFactoryPro effects plugin for Final Cut et al. Might come in handy if we end up doing a super-stylized movie.


Am listening to the M&E mix of Alien Uprising. Fearing hearing some actual dialog which ended up on an effects track by accident. Have heard a couple grunts but nothing in particular -- not any "dialog" by any means.

Whew. OK, so that's one QC check we passed...

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