Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Them What Was

You close your eyes to the threat that pancake squirrels present to the world.


One of my credit cards pretends to give my my "credit score" for free. Soon that will all come to an end because the bank that credit card is with has folded and been purchased by another much bigger bank with funds from my government. So thanks for all that. Presumably my FICO score is 691 but I'm not buyin' it. I know better. It's not so much that I have bad credit, as that my credit is a threat to national security.

Whew, I'm done with Universal Robots. Done as in "I quit". With less than a week to go and no direction by the director I suddenly get an email from her putting the kibosh on all the work I've done this weekend. So forget it. Although I wish I could get the 20 hours I put into it this week to do something important like work on actually finishing up a screenplay. Sheesh.

We found an exciting error created during one of the multiple export/render/format-change passes we have to make to turn the movie into a "flat" version for the laboratory. I blame iTunes for its sloppy conversion of .aif to .wav but it could very well have been something FCP did when exporting each of the individual audio tracks as .aif files.

I had intended to get drives to the lab by last Friday but the Guv'ner (our North American distributor) called and said we got a temporary reprieve ('till he gets back from Berlin) so we're using that time to QC things.

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