Saturday, February 21, 2009

Screening Day

Today we had our screening at the Gibson. It was a great time had by all. For some reason the first DVD failed about 5 minutes into the picture and we had to put another DVD in. But then it worked just fine.

Plus I had the new cocktail; the Alien Uprising. I have no idea what was in it. It was bright neon green. Someone said that it was made from real alien tears...

I learned a lot from Alien Uprising. I know that our big problem has traditionally been with plots that are just way too complex. But with AU the story is straightforward and simple. The characters are awesome (and defined in conflict well). And we have a "B" story (love story) which works. We just have to make sure all our scripts are this good. Then we can keep making movies which are better and better.

Can I point out that I forgot that Maduka had put a picture of me in the hologram when Brain was talking about what the horrible creature used to be? ;-)

This is how all albums should be promoted. I'm going to Tijuana.

I'm looking at Internet service for my VOIP. This quote is of interest to me:

VoIP uses a little over 50kbps of bandwidth so you can pick your package based on your expected usage. 128kbps will be fine - you can use the Internet while you're on VoIP. The only thing I would recommend if you do this is to get the RT31P2 router or a router of your own that supports QoS prioritization so that your VoIP traffic trumps your other Internet traffic.

Bun by.

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