Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Heard You Were Dead

Because you want to build your own Portal Gun.


I can't figure out how to reliably add or sum negative numbers in Excel. I think I remembered all the 4th-grade math involved, but apparently I don't. So to make my business plan I'm doing it freakin' manually.

In Excel.

But me typing in the calculations instead of using formulae.



My dad's lifetime low on Minesweeper is 167.


I'd say that this picture looks like a composited "I are serious cat and this are serious thread" cat if the cat weren't out of focus like he was inside the depth-of-focus (or depth-of-field, I always mix those up.)


I totally forgot about the backstory in Escape from New York that there was a war between the US and the Soviet Union and that Snake Pliskin was a soldier in that war. The undercurrent of the war which is still going on during the course of the movie makes the environment a lot more harsh.

Thank goodness the Fearnet channel is running a John Carpenter free-on-demand special.

Now I wanna see the first reel of the movie...


jengordonthomas said...


Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah, but when you have a column of positive numbers and a column of negative numbers and the negative numbers go into the positive... I don't know, it just doesn't seem to work consistently.
=sum(a1:a10)-sum(b1:b10) behaves weirdly.

Although it could be that's because I'm actually in Google's spreadsheet. I dunno...