Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buying a Toaster

Wow, this is just so much like buying a graphics card.

I had a dream last night I had a zoom lens. It wasn't a good dream by any measure.

Barak Obama made you a mix tape.

Below are pieces of scripts which I've cut out in order to move around. I have nowhere else to put text other than my blog. Which I'm sure you've already noticed.


Farman walks up to the checking place. But the autocannon reacts the way it did before. It ignores her.
With something crossed between trepidation and embarrassment, Farman crosses away from the autocannon, without the “clear”.


She opens the door, a slight crack, HELEN sees two ANDROIDS.
Sister FOSTER - 20’s, curly hair, tattooed up the side of her neck.
Brother VALMONT - 20’s, olive skin, lean, large eyes, long nose, looks Puerto Rican. Way too sexy for his own good.
They are searching through these levels.
Helen let’s the door close gently. She goes in another direction.

Are you sentient?
No, I am artificially intelligent. I mold my personality to fit the way my owner interacts with others.
How do I interact with others?
I don't know. Mostly you just kill them it seems.

We have a problem.
What is it?
We have accounted for all the humans on the station.
And we keep losing androids to combat-related injuries.
That is a problem.

Does the necklace actually ever do anything as a communication device?

When exactly do the air compressors get turned off?

Helen cannot know that Hywel erased her until after they meet.

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