Monday, February 23, 2009

A Goddess on the Rocks

An article about Universal Robots. Jason Howard has been in a couple of our movies -- Solar Vengeance and Pandora Machine. Ben Thomas took the photograph in the article. He was in Solar Vengeance.

imgur is a new image hoster. I'll put up an image and see how it goes. If you see a picture of a naked woman on my blog then you know it works. Oh wait, I've just been informed that we'll have to use another scientific methodology...

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Speaking of robots, I Fight Robots is a blog.

I have to made .pdf's and hard copies of all of the contracts we made for Alien Uprising. It's a lot of ornery work. Plus I have a bunch of other contracts -- things where I'm signing that we own all the music and we have given them the complete credits and such. It's going to be a huge packet when I send it out.

I have to change our standard actors' contracts. They must: put all the stuff the actor cares about up at the top (percentage of compensation, how they're credited) and also be more clear that the contract clears the rights of exploitation and requires nothing else in performance for those rights to be cleared.

Oh, and I might be living in Jersey City soon.

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