Friday, January 15, 2010

GH1 Test

GH1 Nighttime test from Ralph Boswell on Vimeo.

This is a GH1 with a Canon SSC 50mm lens. We're at 1600 ISO and I suspect I'm at f4.0 here.*
Note the bit of jellycam warble and the flares.
Footage transcoded with NeoScene into ProRes "SQ" and brought into FCP where I hit it with some Magic Bullet color correction and a 2.35:1 matte.
All natural light. Note the blowouts from the car headlights.
Welcome to Brooklyn.

Neoscene issues are fixed. It turns out we were still running Final Cut Pro 6.0.5 and the codec needs 6.0.6 at a minimum.

Update: Things I don't like about the GH1 are yes, the codec isn't very robust and yes, the jellycam is annoying but moreover: I don't like the way the zoom breathes in autofocus mode. That might be a killer for us (you can't see it in this footage because I'm not using a zoom, it's a manual-focus lens.)
Things I do like: being able to shoot at night without lights.

Note that the real compression squonkiness is all Vimeo, the footage is more of a PITA to work with than breaky-uppy like it does in the video. Uh. Maybe if you click and go to the Vimeo page it's better. I dunno.

The Foundry makes RollingShutter which might help with jellocam ("jellycam" -- that's what Mitchell calls it) issues. But it's $500 freakin bucks!

*I dunno. Maybe I'm open all the way to f1.4? Or maybe I'm at a 2.8/4.0 split? I don't remember, it was last week.

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