Thursday, January 07, 2010


Zambri. Video premiere. Directed by Mitchell Riggs.

Gibson tune-o-matic style bridges from Stew-Mac.

How to read a histogram. Something I thought I already knew. I didn't.

Duplication Specialists. 10 seconds slate, 10 seconds black, program, 10 seconds black. That's the specs for our HDCAM we're making at 23.97fps for Clonehunter.

Neoscene. Buy it for 99 bucks at VideoGuys.

Teux Deux. I have no idea how to use that, or Springpad, or anything.

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dbramhall said...

Hi Andrew!

My name is Devin, and I work at Springpad. Here is a video tutorial we put together to show new users how to use Springpad that might help :)

You can also email me at if you have questions!