Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kenyan Speakers and Straps

Maduka Steady as the Kenyan in Race in Sports.

I've been looking at application schematics from Jensen Transformers. Because, apparently I like it. OK, no, not because of that at all. I just don't understand how the impedance of something on the isolated output of a transformer in a splitter box affects the sound of something on the direct output of the splitter.

The Weber 12a100. I'm thinking now of loading my Fender Twin with one of those and with my Celestion Alnico Blue. But I'll drive the Celestion with my Little Lanilei amp. My feeling is that the Fender cabinet is nice-sounding so I should put both speakers in it. The Fender amp will drive the Weber and be my "clean" sound. I get to have both at the same time. Because I do, that's why.

Wide Rides Guitar Straps. Because I have to bore you with guitar straps once my cache of guitar bag articles runs out.

You know, for You Tube, this is a pretty good sounding version of the Danse Macabre:

Today I am reading scripts. I'm writing scripts.

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