Saturday, January 02, 2010


I've decided, almost arbitrarily, that Hagstrom guitars are the coolest guitars on the market.

That doesn't mean my custom-made "Blattocaster" isn't cooler, no, it's just that it's custom, and therefore not on the market.

My Hagstrom Viking guitar was my first "pro" guitar. I got it in 1980 for Christmas. It's a very very cool guitar.

So now I want a Hagstrom Swede. Not the "Super" Swede. Not the "Ultra" Swede. Not even a "Select" Swede. I want a Swede. I think I'd prefer a cherry-finish Swede. And I want her for $275 2nd-hand (just because I've seen them go for that on eBay.)

8th Street Music has some Hagstrom F300's left for $240.

What does "Hagstrom" mean? "Electric witch"?


Lindsay Stewart said...

when i was young and dumb i owned a beautiful cherry red hagstrom solid body twelve string like the one frank is aiming into the viewer's brain. and i sold it to get an amp which made up in size for what it lacked in tone. alas. that twelve string played better than most of the six strings i've owned. d'oh!

Andrew Bellware said...

Right? Hey, you can still get those guitars -- for an arm and a leg. ;-)

My Viking has the straightest neck on any made-in-the-80's inexpensive electric ever.

Hagstrom and Traynor. They're the way to go as far as I can see.