Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Vary-ize My Sundriness

On page 66 of this Day 2 screenplay. I don't have the "five-point-finale" worked out but it turns out the love scene, which I didn't think was going to be in this movie, shows up on page 62 or 63, right where it belongs. is another file-sharing thingy. But you can share video edits live (I think) with it which is potentially very interesting.

More information about MIDI bass pedals than you want to know. Most of it is so far out of date it has Compuserve links.

A rational Google response to Chinese attempts to hack the accounts of human rights activists.

The Asylum's take on the reviews they get. The unfortunate thing about them is that they seem to be resigned to making "bad" movies, they don't really care. They certainly enjoy making the pictures but they don't really care if they're good or not. I would have figured that by now they'd have made a good one or two. Just by accident if for no other reason. ;-)

Scalzi, on Obama, is right again. He might be right about Conan O'Brian too but I don't care about late night talk shows so phpthth.

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