Thursday, January 14, 2010

Serving you --

I'm just here to help you. I know you've been sitting all alone wondering "What about Drew's 1980 Hagstrom Viking? Did he ever do anything about his bridge problem?"

Well yes. If you'll recall, my bridge wouldn't let me set the intonation of any kind of normal strings -- it just didn't have enough play in it. And, unfortunately, it wouldn't just let me slide the bridge because of the way it's made -- with little collars which need to fit into holes in the guitar.

Ethan lent me a Tune-O-Matic bridge and I set it up on the guitar and now it sounds great!

Here are two pictures of the guitar with the new bridge on it. You can see the holes (which go into the solid part of the guitar and don't affect the sound) for the old bridge.

And lastly, the old bridge (with an apple for reference.)

The guitar plays perfectly in tune from top to bottom. The bridge seems to have formed itself perfectly against the guitar.

And that's that!

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