Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Am I Really Doing?

Tomorrow I deliver Clonehunter to the lab.

I'm also up to page... 36? on Day 2.

I am fighting the computer gods and trying to make a DVD. Seriously, my studio can't make a bloody DVD. We have what... upwards of six computers and none of them can reliably burn a DVD? Eef.

I'm also fighting the Neoscene gods and trying to make it so that my GH1 will actually work.

But the most important thing is that we have both Day 2 and Earthkiller ready for Cannes.

You know what works? Sugarsync. I keep copies of screenplays on multiple computers and it really helps.


jengordonthomas said...

I sent a sugarsync link to Mitch so he'd know of it...does it reliably store video/audio files? I can't tell from the website. If so that could be a lifesaver. But it seems to say only pics and music.

Andrew Bellware said...

I only use it for documents and pictures. Storing video files on any kind of web server is an exercise in patience. I use iDrive for that. ;-)

jengordonthomas said...

you like idrive?

Andrew Bellware said...

Well, I use it. I like it better than Mozy because it'll keep the files up there even if I disconnect the drive. I haven't HAD to use it since I got it -- and I hope to keep things that way... ;-)

Kangas said...

If you had a CS suite you could burn dvds super easy. Encore is the BOMB.

Andrew Bellware said...

Our problems all SEEM to be hardware related. I haven't tried Encore yet though. But really, you'd think iMovie would be able to handle the task. Right now on this picture I could only get Widows DVD Maker (on a Vista machine) to actually make the darn thing. Sheesh.