Monday, January 18, 2010

The new cat

is sweet, adorable, and a complete pain in the ass. Keeping her off this keyboard as I type requires a level of discipline which I don't seem to have. If any l;kam;lkjihu cat like typing is detected, don't blame me.

The little fuzzy-butt also has this whole "Hey, did you know I'm nocturnal? Hey -- are you guys nocturnal? Because I'm nocturnal. Yeah, that means it's time to run around. Hey -- why are you guys going to bed, don't you want to pet me? Hey -- you look funny when you're asleep. I think I'm going to sit on your face!" thing going on. And, unfortunately, she has a cold and sneezes.

Pushkin isn't super happy. He sits in a protected (and usually high) position in my parents' grand livingroom and will hiss and growl at Maydel (who has had her name changed to "Maydel" or "Meydl" or something... apparently) when she gets too close. She's apparently too dumb to understand and just trots around with her tail in the air.

Here she is as sweet, alien demon from another dimention, and fierceome (and meow-y).

Pushkin in medium and closeups. I'm using the 50mm f1.4 lens on the Panasonic Lumix GH1. Who knows what color temperature the camera decided on? And exposure is still a matter of me staring quizzically at the histogram display on the camera.
We put out an ad on Actor's Access because we have at least two movies to cast and we want to see some sort of pool of people to talk to.


Chance Shirley said...

That new kitty is too cute. Too cute.

Andrew Bellware said...
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Andrew Bellware said...

She is pretty adorable. She becomes slightly less cute when she sneezes on you. Which seems to be Pushkin's attitude toward her in general. But he'll likely come around and she's on antibiotics so she isn't quite so sneezy.