Friday, January 08, 2010

You're It

So I think we're finished making the tape output for Clonehunter.

We need to do a commentary track. Maybe Monday or Tuesday, if we can get the producer and editor together in the same room?

It doesn't really matter because basically no distributor cares about the commentary track. Getting them to put it on a DVD even in North America is a major troublesome trouble. So basically, nobody ever listens to it. Maybe we'll put it on the web as a podcast and you can start it at the beginning of the movie like you would Dark Side of the Moon when the lion roars at the beginning of Wizard of Oz.
Would you like to know a secret? When using Neoscene to convert footage from a Panasonic GH1 you should know that "Prores SQ" is what we in the normal world call "ProRes".

Yes. You're welcome.
OMG, how'd she ever get to be a model! (we need a sarcasm tag, don't we?)

I even put a ""* tag in the above sentence. When we finally get a sarcasm tag in html, it'll format properly!

*That's the word "sarcasm" inside "<" and ">". You probably can't see it because even if your browser can't interpret the tag, it figures that it's a tag and doesn't want to show it to you.

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