Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cat Snurfling

This Pushkin cat has lost a pound, and he's always been a thin cat. He's down to 6.5 lbs from 7.5 lbs. We don't know what's up with that. All his blood work came back normal. His coat is very nice and soft. So I don't know. He's going to get a couple more tests. He doesn't seem terribly sickly to me, and he plays with Maydl -- they jump around and chase one another. So we still don't know. A couple more tests are still to be done.

He's been eating kitten food lately. And other than that, he's been with a new kitten. But why would those things make him lose weight? We don't know. Hopefully we'll have an idea in a couple days when the other tests come back.

He certainly enjoys being petted. This is him snurfling my foot. My sister took the picture.

  • Project London has only one vfx shot left!
  • The Weber 12A100. Please make sure it's 8 4 ohms and undoped. Well, it might need to be 8 ohms but it might be much cooler (and more distorted) at 4. I'll find out.
Error Level Analysis. I don't really understand how it works or how to read it but it'll help you identify Photoshopped images. Oh and happity Valentines Day.

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