Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Guitarre

OK, so I've decided I want the GPM45 amplifier from Metropoulos. And you can't stop me! Unless the "you" in this sentence is my bank account. Then, yeah, you can stop me.

Today is "moving Ethan's guitars" day. To his new house. Yes, an entire day and special crew was put together just for this activity. He has... more... than two guitars. I expect to be doing this all day.

I've been playing my Les Paul all week. Man, a set up by a top guy can really change a guitar.

And I went and bought an MXR carbon copy delay pedal. Now I have two delay pedals. Why? Because I need one on the "dirty" amplifier and one on the "clean" amplifier. Right now I'm putting 400ms on the clean and 200ms on the dirty. If I end up with three amps -- filthy, dirty, and clean -- the "dirty" wouldn't have any delay on it at all. That's what I'm thinking now at least. I should take a picture of the setup. I will.

You can't have enough Frank Zappa print ads on your blog. That's what they tell me.

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