Saturday, February 27, 2010

Naked Girls and Dead... Bears?

This dude, Guillaume Seignac, is awesome. How he manages to combine the lurid and the sublime is simply beyond me. But. He. Is. Awesome. Heck, I can't even pronounce his name and he's still awesome.

I mean, you can look at everything else, everything, but then... check out the doves frolicking in the background.

He sure can paint feet! And bear, er, lion(?) parts.

And dig the infinite depth-of-field. I so wish I could shoot that way. But buyers even know that 35mm film has a relatively shallow depth of field at any given f-stop and it's just not a popular look right now.

Yep, no Citizen Kane for us. So we tend to go shallow instead of deep. But all them post-pre-Raphaelites (they actually have a name but I totally forget what it is) have such fun stuff in the deep background. The shallow depth of field is, as far as I can think right now, our only concession to commercial prospects for motion pictures -- where I'm deliberately doing something which I artistically don't agree with all the time.

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