Tuesday, February 09, 2010


We discovered a mistake in Clonehunter. A piece of gratuitous dialog ended up on the M&E tracks. Ugh. This might become an expensive fix. Sheesh.

Oh, and we also forgot a scene. Aargh. Nobody's noticed, it just makes a point somewhat clearer. Well, we're fixing that now. And rolling off new mixes.


E1 (formerly "Koch") Entertainment. This is one of the bigger home video distributors.

LifeSize Entertainment. Bruce there is a great guy and writing a screenplay for us.

Contact info for Space, the Canadian science fiction channel.

Yup. Rather than just bookmarking things like regular people do, I'm posting them here.

30th Street Guitars. My Les Paul is there for a setup. Maybe I'll get the Earvana nut installed. Maybe the binding on the neck will get cleaned up -- it should have never left the factory as a "Custom Shop" guitar with the binding the the shape it's in. Thanks Gibson! Pthtpht.

Fusion Wave Reactor necklace. Brian is thinking about this as a base for our "brain controller" in Day 2.


Kangas said...

Been there done that(the mistake on the M&E track).

But honestly, who even needs that shit anymore? Foreign sales are DEAD. It's not worth the hassle to even deal with separating the shit.

My new flick, they subtitle in their language or fuck 'em.

Andrew Bellware said...

For us, the overseas sales are typically more than 1/2 our revenue. Something close to 2/3rds of our gross sales. So we gotta not mess it up. Really that just shows how little money we make. Ironically I don't think that many Japanese viewers listen to the Japanese dialog track -- the English language track is the default. It'll only cost us five hundred bucks to fix ("only").

Kangas said...

I only saw 1 foreign sale on FOC1--yeah, it paid 18K, but I never saw any interest after that. I sent out screeners to a bunch of foreign horror distribs and got no takers, even though I didn't set out any price.

Never had one even ask what we wanted, which was weird since our flick did so well here...

Andrew Bellware said...

That's a pretty decent direct buy. I take it you don't have a sales rep for overseas? We do, so I just do what I'm told there.