Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Letter to Actors II

Embarrassingly, I haven't really discussed any of these things with our actors. Apparently most of our discussions have involved mundane things like dialog and fight choreography. So I sent out this email today to make up the loss.

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to talk to you about what we're doing and what we should expect. These are things I totally forgot to tell anyone about.

Normally we pride ourselves on not having to do any ADR on a picture. But on this movie all of the exteriors will need ADR because there's simply no way the background (New York City) will sound the way the background is supposed to (post-apocalyptic lack of people or cars in New York City). So we're going to be asking you to come into the studio in about a month to re-do lines. Sorry about that and thank you for your patience!

(Incidentally, we can't do the "radio play" ADR which you might be used to on our shoots because the background will simply never be quiet enough. Now that I'm saying we should probably try, right? Maybe we'll get ourselves inside and record the lines wild before or after lunch. The thing is that the environment has to be very dry sounding and that can be difficult 'lest we're back in the studio.)

Taking other work
If you have an audition or callback for a job, where the job is scheduled on one of our shoot days, go to it. If you get a commercial job, take it. Sure, everyone in the cast and crew would like this movie to get shot, and it'll likely cause all kinds of scheduling craziness, but it's worthwhile for you and everyone will understand especially because you'll be taking some of the money you get from the commercial job and taking us out for drinks.

Inserts and suchly
At some point in the future we may ask you to come back for inserts and/or still photographs in front of bluescreen (for the key art). This becomes more likely for you the lower your character number is. In other words, we can be assured that Tina will need to do some additional photography. We'll schedule such that it makes life easy on everyone.Thanks for the tolerance and understanding.

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks again. Can't wait to see you on set!



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