Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dear Lord, he's still talking about amplifiers

CeriaTone makes an interesting TrainWreck Expression kit. It seems pretty cool. Indeed, he'll build the whole thing for you for $670. The problem is that at 13 kilograms, it will cost between $112 and $163 to ship it from Malaysia. Sure, 15 years ago I could have picked a real one up for a little over a thousand dollars by just driving to New Brunswick. But I didn't.

And, as linked above, a detailed build guide from Amp Garage. You have to log in to see the files.

The TubeStore reviews, well, the tubes they sell. Actually, here's a link to all their reviews. They like the TungSol 12AX7's (which are only like $15 or $20 a piece) and they even have special packages for JTM 45's (although those special packages seem to be for JTM100's to me). The Mullard EL84's are $35 for a matched pair but remember, you have to play around with a JTM to get 84's in one because the standard power tubes are normally KT66's. The Gold Lion KT66's are $80 for a matched pair.

No, wait. It's the 6L6GC which is frequently put in instead of KT66's.
I love the bottom of this bikini. I bet it's a pain to get the material to sit right though. Either that or it only works on 6 women in the world. Still -- buttons! ;-)

News you can use:
The Brooklyn Public Library has e-books and .mp3's for download.


Kangas said...

I'll bet you wouldn't even pay her a dime to take off that bottom, would you, you smut king!

Andrew Bellware said...

Look, I'm topping off at twenty-five cents. That's as high as I'll go. I mean, the market won't bear any more!

OK, a dollar. But that's my HIGHEST offer.