Saturday, February 06, 2010

Clonehunter Screening

Today was the screening of Clonehunter. I had a Bloody Mary and two screwdrivers. We were at the Gibson, which is really a lovely bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A billion people came. All of the leads were there and almost all of the rest of the cast were there as well.

This picture is a bit bright, as the iPhone tends to do that. Imagine that the image being projected on the screen is properly exposed and you can imagine how much darker it was in the bar.

I had a great time. Wish you were there! ;-)


Unknown said...


Kangas said...

Uh...did you guys not get 3 feet of snow also? If not, damn you to hell.

Congrats on the screening.

Andrew Bellware said...


(The snow made a right turn in Central Jersey and left us with nuthin'. I mean, a light dusting in Brooklyn, nothing in Manahatta. Yeah, I know.)

Lindsay Stewart said...

congratulaions sir!

Kangas said...

Jesus. This is the view out my front door:!/photo.php?pid=30854914&id=1536917926