Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just Because

... that's all.

A lot of people like the Mission amp kits. The 53E is the Bassman circuit.
Wow, I just got hit with a really hard task. My parents still haven't sold their old house (the house I grew up in). And for some reason there was a desk there which never got cleaned out. It's got 30 years of letters I've kept. Egads. There are love letters (to me when I was a teenager, maybe 20 or 21), letters from my brother (he would have sent in my mid-twenties), letters my childhood friend Todd (from my twenties and thirties -- right up until the advent of email being even remotely ubiquitous), all sorts of things...

... Including the results of my SAT's. Oh look. I got 610 on my verbal and 480 on the math in May of 1982. My GPA was 2.8*. Apparently. I'm not buying it, I was pretty well a straight C student. I just didn't really care. Looking back I realize that... yeah, there was no real reason to care.

Sheesh. I don't feel like going through all this stuff right now.

My sister already loaded the car with CD's and things for me to take to Jersey City. Maybe I'll just do that instead.

*That would have been the spring of my junior year of high school. And now I have a vague memory that by the end of my senior year I was like... #3 in my class? (It was a pretty small class -- only 30 or so students -- but still.) Mike Diehl had to be first in our class. Andrew Ammirati had to be above me. Hmm... I was probably closer to #5...

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