Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Locked Production Draft

I has one. The picture is called Day 2.

It's 94 pages if you believe this .pdf. And although there might be some changes made in the dialog (is it me, or does the role of "Steady" start sounding like "Eric" toward the end of the script?*) this is the production screenplay.

*If Maduka Steady changes his mind and plays the role of "Steady", we'll change the character's name.


Jon Molly said...

That's a great script. Robots and psychos and zombies, oh my! Your zombies are a neat new take on an old idea.

I actually thought that Neil was the one that started to sound like Eric towards the end of the script. Early on I got the feeling that Neil was a really, reaaly smart guy who just happened to be insane. But when he 'sobered up' and started explaining how he came to know so much about the situation, he came across as more of a dumb grunt than a smart guy caught in over his head.

I thought the sex scene was a bit abrupt. You might want to put in one or two moments of sexual tension between those to as foreshadowing/foreplay.

Oh, it doesn't matter who plays him, "Steady" is a great name for that character.

Andrew Bellware said...

Thanks -- those are great notes. The making Neil more smart might be an "actor" thing. But it might be good to go in and do a little polish on his dialog for the last few pages of his life.

Yeah, the sex has to be foreshadowed a bit more. The idea with it though was that she was making him do it (which do you figure out 'till afterward.) That might be too subtle.