Monday, February 22, 2010

Test shots and alchohol.

These are the "night vision" goggles we have for Day 2. Brian Schiavo is responsible for them. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.


Firstly, I apparently drank half a bottle of Limoncello with David Ian Lee. I blame him. Secondly, well, I don't really know what I'm saying because I drank half a bottle of limoncello.

So we drank this bottle. But beforehand I went to Bushwick, Brooklyn, and shot this footage of the fabulous Tom Rowen on a roof. We're testing locations and color-correction here.

Test shoot 01 from Ralph Boswell on Vimeo.

But then David insisted that his notes come with liquor. And they did. So we have liquor.

So we did some location scouting with Tom. And some fight choreography with David. And some drinking with David. And somehow I'm more drunky now than I was during the meeting.


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

I am a fan of Tom. And his roof.

Andrew Bellware said...

We'll need to start a Facebook page.

Kangas said...

Even drunk you could mention what your test shots are shot with, bastard. :)
You know, for us techies.

Andrew Bellware said...

Hey, it says if you click-through. ;-) But OK. It's a GH1 going through Neoscene so the files become Quicktimes and then hit with Magic Bullet Looks to create that crushed and desaturated look.

Kangas said...

If I click through what? I watched the vid and didn't see it. Come on, talk slower for us old people.

Andrew Bellware said...

If you click the word "vimeo" it'll open a new window and embiggin the video. It's not that necessary though, because I've told you everything I know. I do mean everything.

GH1 - Neoscene - FCP with Magic Bullet "Looks" and a widescreen (2.35:1) matte on it.