Wednesday, October 21, 2009

70 Pages

"My wife's boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post..."

Did you know that stagehands at Carnegie Hall make like a bajillion dollars a year? And, OMG, a star pianist would have to work 27 days to make as much as a stagehand makes in a year? Oh look -- the Bloomberg reporter Philip Boroff completely forgot to mention that these guys are working 80 hours a week. Oops. Yeah, they make almost as much as a star pianist. Right.

I tell ya what, Phil, you do one of these guys jobs for one week and tell me if it ain't worth it. Come on down to my theater and put in a whole week as the assistant to the electrics and set departments on Sunday and Monday, and then be the assistant to a stage manager for the rest of the week. Just to make it easy on you we won't do any tech or rehearsals starting on Thursday. That is, if you make it that long without falling flat on your face.

Stu suggests the Canon 7D. Chance does too. There are merits to the Canon 7D over the Panasonic Lumix GH1.

The 7D has a bigger sensor. People like that.
The 7D can shoot in somewhat lower light.
The 7D will output video when you shoot.
The 7D will shoot "overcranked" somewhat more easily.
The GH1 has autofocus (which works) in video. Thereby eliminating a huge pain in our shooting day.
The GH1 will accept virtually any kind of lens, including my beautiful Canon S.S.C. lenses (which the 7D will not accept.)
The GH1 will let you use the viewfinder when you're shooting.
You can get a Loupe for the 7D for $80.
The 7D with a lens is $1900 (when it's available.)
The GH1 with a lens is $1500 (when it's available.)
But Stu thinks the compression on the GH1 is harsh. Mitchell's been having an easier time with it.

If the Internet disappeared.

I have 70 pages. They're a good 70 pages but... they're only 70 pages. Um.
I'm gonna re-board the script and take a look. Clearly helping Mina is the break into Act II.
It might be that we're all about zombies in act II and then we kind of lose their "zombie-ness" by the end. That might need to change.
Opening Image: pg 1
Establish Theme: pgs 1 - 3
Setup: pgs 1 - 6
Inciting Incident: 8
Debate - Half Commitment: pgs 8 - 16
Turn to Act II: 16
Subplot intro by: pg 19
Fun - Games - Puzzles: pgs 19 - 35
Tentpole - Midpoint - Reversal: pg 35
Enemy Closes In: pgs 35 - 48
Low Point: pg 48
Darkest Decision: pgs 48 - 54
Turn to Act III: pg 54
Finale - Confrontation: pgs 54 - 68
Aftermath: pgs 68 - 70
Final Image: pg 70

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