Saturday, October 24, 2009

All Tied Up

Angela Funk in Clonehunter. All tied up.

This seems to be the best guide on hackintoshing (putting OSX) on a Dell mini 10v.

The Golden Compass doesn't have a director's cut out yet (and I suspect the movie would be everything it could have been with a longer cut -- believe me, I don't say that about many movies.)

Zombieland -- is it 87 minutes, or 88 minutes, or 81 minutes?


Lindsay Stewart said...

Saw some top secret footage at a Redrock demo yesterday that was shot on a Can*n DSLR that is still under wraps. Seems Can*n wants to keep it very quiet during development but from what I saw, don't spend a dime on anything in the next year or so. The footage was stunning, shot at night on the street with only available light, the blacks were fat and deep but full of information, the colour had been tweaked in post but it was all there. Apparently they've almost doubled the sensor refresh which will really cut down issues of rolling shutter. A whole room full of camera nerds went very quiet while the sample short played. We were told they're sitting on this footage so that it doesn't cut the legs out from their current product line.


Andrew Bellware said...

I'm very interested in the Canon Mark IV (or whatever it's called) but my main priorities now are:

1. Selling my HVX system
2. Getting a camera for my next two features.

What I'm liking about the GH1 is that it's:
a. $1500 (which is $750 amortized over each of two movies) and
b. counter to most pro camera people I want autofocus

But next year, yeah one of those Canons that can see in the dark might be tres super cool...