Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Liberty Enspoken

My dad gave a talk today at Windrows about the building of the Statue of Liberty railing. Rich Blatman, his partner, also spoke. Rich took this picture which got an "ooh" from the audience.

Rivington Rehearsal Studios has band rehearsal rooms starting at $20/hour.

David Wellington's Frostbite, with Canadian werewolves, is available on Amazon.

Complete Music Studios in Brooklyn has 350 sq foot rooms starting at $25/hour.

PappaE is an outfit which provides synth orchestras, real drums, and suchly.

There are weird issues with the Panasonic GH1. It seems like you don't want to shoot motion jpeg or 30fps because the motion jpeg, although less compressed, doesn't look as good as the AVCHD and the 30fps really is 30fps, not 29.97fps so sound sync be damned.

And can it really be true you need NeoScene to transcode the AVCHD to 24-frame video?

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