Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here's a conversation I keep having.

They: How can you say the terrible things you've been saying?
Me: Because they're factual and the analysis is dead-on.
They: Well you must not know the actual facts.
Me: OK, what are the actual facts?
They: Well, did you know that the previous administration was really terrible at keeping books?
Me: Yeah, and how does that impact the actual balance sheet?
They: Well the accounting was in terrible shape!
Me: That doesn't affect whether money was owed, or how much money was owed, and it's fairly straightforward to figure all that out. My figures aren't precise, but they're fairly accurate.
They: No! No! They aren't!
Me: OK, so what are the actual numbers?
They: Did you know the previous administration ate puppies?
Me: Did that affect the balance sheet?
They: You just don't know all the terrible, and secret, things that were happening.
Me: OK, tell me what they were.
They: I can't tell you everything that was going on. Stuff you don't know about.
Me: Really? Why can't you tell me?
They: Uh. Reasons.
Me: The balance sheet, is it getting better, or worse?
They: You hate puppies -- don't you???!!!

As a certifiable INTJ you can imagine how after five or six times this conversation starts to drive me a little nuts.

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