Friday, October 16, 2009

Some What Says

Stu says:

Ask any focus puller, focus is easier on film. Why? Because film is *thick*, 3 dye layers. There's a softer threshold of what's "sharp."

On film, if the image is sharp in one color channel, it's soft in the other two. Makes for a soft landing into "in focus."
$8675 is the minimum cost for exhibiting at the AFM. Realistically it costs you plenty more 'cause I'm sure they charge you for phones, furniture, copy machines, etc. You can't go if you're a barred company or individual. For a long while Uwe Boll and his companies were barred. Doesn't seem to be any more though. I have to presume they paid the arbitration awards which were judged against them. Right now Merchant Ivory (the company) is banned. Obviously IFTA arbitration has some teeth to it.

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