Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rebelling Against the Focus Ring

Ok, so Bill Martell made me laugh today when he described art-house films as "rebelling against the focus ring." Yep. That's still funny.

I'll tell you when I stop laughing at that.

Quoth the kitten "get some more".

Although the name "Twenty" is awesome, it's going to have trouble when people use the name because the audience will say "Wait, what? 20 what?" Because I'm a brutal and non-collaborative director I've hierarchically and arbitrarily changed his name to "Russell". That is, until someone comes up with a better name.

Still smiling broadly about Rebelling Against the Focus Ring.


Chance Shirley said...

Sounds like Bill is still annoyed at Baghead. And I agree that "rebelling against the focus ring" is damn funny.

Andrew Bellware said...

OK, you're making me laugh about it again!

I keep thinking of a leftist pothead:
"Duuuuude... like the focus ring is a tool of the imperial masters..."