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Angry Planet Bible

Here is the "bible" for Angry Planet. That's just the book of aesthetic ideas for the picture. At the time I put it together we hadn't formally cast any of the parts. The only person who's in this bible who we cast, but who later dropped out, was Ato Essandoh, who was replaced by the amazing Ben Thomas.

I didn't even create a bible for Clonehunter. I realized that just before we started shooting -- that I hadn't rummaged around for specific costume/prop/set notions before shooting. Which is odd because we had one of the most designed set of costumes on any picture I'd done. Maybe it's 'cause I trusted Carly to design them so much that I figured "why find pictures"? I dunno.




The Marshals in general wear similar clothing. They all pretty well wear long dusters and trousers (although really, it would be fine for many of them to wear bluejeans) with boots or nice shoes. The following images are all from

Forget it, we got 4 of these dusters below:
A duster
Some pants -- jeans could be used
Just some nice subtle cowboy boots
Or these nice old-fashioned shoes
(can be got at Mike's shoe World)
As far as hats go, Marshals shall nominally either be hat less, or for those who, like Maduka, absolutely must wear a hat:
The idea is that these guys are almost all veterans from a terrible galactic war. What's left of their old uniforms are the only clothes they have -- we don't want it to be too obvious that they're uniforms supplemented by civillian clothes. Maybe we see a stripe down an occasional leg... y'know, that sorta thing.
Women tend to wear the same thing as the men. The clothes will be "assorted", mixed and matched so that it's not entirely clear that they're all formal military.
There will be no insignia. I kind of like the idea that perhaps some clothes have the remnants of what was once insignia, but was removed by the wearer either for honor or for shame.
This, but in a brown, and cheap (this is from

(From all clothes will be old, brown(ish), and dirty
There are going to be some thigh-holsters, although we probably only need a couple -- everyone else can hide their guns (see below) beneath their coats. Our boy Stahl is a slightly different matter. He thinks himself a wee bit better than others.
I'm sure Stahl wears a cape. He probably has better boots than the rest of the Marshals. His clothes are in slightly better condition. but we might see more readily the insignia removed from his collar. It was a rough war.

Nerf guns will be the standard weapon. They will, of course, be modified like so:

Unless otherwise indicated, all of these people wear exactly the same clothes from the beginning of the picture to the end:
1. Stahl, the leader [Ato Essandoh] Old and worn officers' clothing from a disgraced army and a disgraced man who tries to have a sense of dignity.
2. Drigs [Maduka] Simple but dapper. Drigs tries to at least keep his clothes clean.
3. Dak (soon to lose an arm, killed by robot)
4. Trapper (soon to lose his head -- Anthony Litton)
5. Joanna Blake (soon to lose hand)
6. Cub -- a bit more frumpy, suspenders perhaps. He also has clothes from the "past" when he was a civilian.
7. Stone [Blair Johnson]
8. Migs [Ben Sulzbach., killed by robot]
Note that any names you see here are "top secret" 'cause we may not have cast these parts yet.

Luther -- I'm thinking almost "monk" robes for him in his present life.
Nora [Lindsey Roberts]
Riles -- bartender


West --
normal clothes from the past
-- Terran Patrol Uniform
I'm thinking just a simple flightsuit for West when he's in the Terran Patrol:

-- modern "prisoner" clothes.
Well, here's the problem -- whatever he lands on the planet in gets ripped open so the implant is inserted. Is he able to put that back together?

Yup, we're back to trying to do this:
Or, failing that:
or we could just end up with the leather-pants and bandeau look:
and of course she has a light saber. This is the model I ordered. It will have a green blade naturally, but we might change the color in post:
we ordered another lightsabre. It's silver.
And here is yet another possibility for our lovely android:

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