Wednesday, October 07, 2009

And Furthermore

Why is Firefly not considered "steampunk"? Do they not wear enough goggles? Or are the stories just not "noir" enough? Perhaps it's because there are too many holograms, or that the cities aren't dark and gritty enough.

'Cause otherwise it sure looks steam-punk-ish to me.


Lindsay Stewart said...

I'd guess that steampunk tends to nod toward the Victorian aesthetic while Firefly looks more toward the American western with a dash of civil war tossed in. Since cowpunk is already taken, neither rebpunk nor oaterpunk have much of a ring, I just call it cowboys in space. With zombies.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah but... but... but... it IS Victorian... just not so much all fancy.

I'll tell you ONE thing -- I learned the hard way -- Westerns aren't much liked outside of the US. Overseas sales of Firefly were probably really hindered by that fact.

Which is way too bad.