Monday, October 26, 2009

We Have an Edit

So we have a complete picture edit on Clonehunter. Now all that has to happen is all the music must be composed, all the visual effects have to be completed, and all the dialog, music, and effects have to be edited and mixed. Oh, and then the end title credits have to be added and the lab has to transfer everything to HDCAM. And we have to make .pdf copies on disk as well as photocopies of all the contracts, covenants, and other paperwork. We also have to deliver 100 stills. And even better? I'm probably forgetting something. ;-)

If you need to know more about CreateSpace.

Mayahuel is where I have to take the casting director of Earthkiller for drinks. You understand the sacrifices I have to make as a director and producer?

You can't say that Harlequin doesn't know what they want. Their writing guidelines are remarkably explicit. Man, I wish everyone could be that clear about what they wanted.

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