Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh look, this is my 1501'st gratuitous post.

Shockingly it's also my 1501'st post.

Interesting how close those numbers are, no?

Red Tide. Obviously an inspiration for Fly By Night. I got Bill's last revision of the screenplay today. That means we'll likely press the "go" button on the picture in about 3 weeks. And it means we'll be in simultaneous production of two pictures. At least ONE of those pictures has to be done by the Cannes film market next year.

Oddly, I don't think there are enough naked tied-up women in Fly By Night. We might need to make some changes then.

And how can Bill be so opposed to fog machines when Blade Runner is all based on this look?

Also via Bill Cunningham: Royalty-free music. I always need royalty-free music.

I'm gonna try to get me some Madrone Mountain -- wish me luck.

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