Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Love Shawna Trpcic

I am in love with Shawna Trpcic. It's true. Love her. Now, some of you may be thinking "Aren't you in love with Emily Isaac from Trois Pommes?" Well, yes, Emily does make the finest jelly filled doughnuts and... and I still have very strong feelings for her...

But I love Shawna -- especially the "officers" uniforms in the Firefly episode "Shindig".And yes, she's not exactly... well how do you say this? She's not, um, blessed with an adequate number of vowels in her name, her uniforms are outstanding.

In the top photo I love the silkiness of the man on the right (whose back is turned to us.) The guy facing us, with the medals and the sweet buttons and that gold "stuff" is just awesome. I can't figure out how that material was made/bought/stitched together.

In the bottom photo the dude with the beard: that coat has tails which is simply double-plus tres super-cool.

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