Monday, October 05, 2009


Apparently it's proof that I'm a boy to say the following: "You know, Firefly the series was really much better than the Serenity the movie."

I like their spinning engine.

Get your special edition DVD of Hide and Creep.

Oh look -- another Alien Uprising review.
"...‘Alien Uprising’ is a better movie than both ‘Pandora Machine’ and ‘Millennium Crisis’ mainly because I was able to comprehend what was going on in this comparatively simple movie."
OK, so he doesn't mean that the good way but at least he saw our previous two movies:

"From where I’m sitting ‘Alien Uprising’ is better than it has any right to be but it is somewhat betrayed, over and over again, by its meager budget. If you can get past that you might like this movie just a little bit just like I did, but if you can’t… I not going to fault you for it."


I'm trying to keep track of some characters and some dialog and other things. Nothing to see here:

Track the thigh holster

she's Omega team -- she's with omega team right? I mean, we're the only ones with androids, so if we don't know her she's gotta be Omega team

v6.22 might have a cleaner open. Look, into it.

Terran Special Forces vs Earth Alliance (until someone comes up with better names for the two groups).

Make that Alliance Airborne are the attackers and Terran Special Forces are the defenders. Track that.

MACH -- male
RAZE -- Corporal (One of the two Helen first hears) female
TENNYSON -- Private (One of the two Helen first hears)

Sata Mina Helen and Raze are the only women (yeah -- we'll see about that.)

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