Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ready the Pandora Machine Mr. Sulu

Today is inbox zero day. I'm going to make it to zero. I am.

And today I'm going to activate the Pandora Machine and greenlight Earthkiller. Heck, I guess I can say I'm gonna greenlight it even if I don't have a schedule for it. But I'm gonna press the button. I'm a-gonna!

John Scalzi's analysis of the Obama Administration/Fox News war is right on the money. Remember, Fox's goal is to make money not actually put a Republican in the White House. Those two goals can be (and right now "are") at odds with one another.

Which is OK, because Obama is basically a Republican. His health care proposal is to the right of the health care platform Nixon ran on. Oy vey. I'm sorry, I forgot that Obama is a Marxist socialist blah bleh meh...

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