Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Cat

Extra Ordinary.

I think someone should buy me a Neumann U47.

OK, so the cat. Does he think: "Ooh, I'm going to eat some of this plant, and then I'm going to barf. I can't wait!" every afternoon? Because it's pretty predictable.

Furthermore, what is up with Ron Glass? I guess I need to apologize -- when I saw Serenity I thought "OMG, I can't understand a single word this guy is saying". His diction is awful. But in Firefly he's pretty well -- fantastic actually.
Oddly, there's something off about virtually all the performances in Serenity. Especially when compared to the very good work in the Firefly series.
And yeah, I know, saying the series was better than the movie just proves I'm a boy.

By page 30:
HELEN with:
HYWEL and THERYN are very dead. Carlysle is missing a left arm.

I'd like to kill of yet one more of 'em before p30. I think Twenty should die in the first firefight. Oh look. I think something and it just happens. It's like I'm magic.

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