Friday, October 09, 2009

Yes, I'm Reading It

If you sent me a script or an outline or something recently, I'm reading it right now. Really! I am. I'm trying to get my inbox down to nothing.

I have to remember to check my Yahoo mail more often. If you don't check it every 4 months they do something weird to the account. I don't actually use my Yahoo mail but I do use Yahoo contacts. Eef. did a crappity job of letting me order stuff from them. My order had a different "ship to" from its "bill to". Well, they let you do that. But then they send me an email saying that the order has to go on hold because the "ship to" is different than the "bill to" and that unless I contact them the order will be cancelled. So I write to them and ask that the order be shipped to the same as the "bill to" address. Instead they send me another email telling me my order is on hold. Sometimes customer service really does require a genius.

You know, I might not even go to the AES convention this year. I've gone every 2 years (it's held every two years in New York) for the last... oh I don't even know. But really, what am I going to see there? Some big mixing boards. Some microphone cable. Some software. Big deal. If they're giving away Neumann U47's and Royer ribbon microphones though I might be interested...

We have a Clonehunter deadline! It doesn't matter what shape it's in, the drive with the movie has to go out tomorrow (Saturday) to be delivered by Monday or Tuesday so the trailer editor can make a trailer. We've been very happy with the quality of our trailers, Ray Haboush and Halcyon have really done a great job of shepherding the artwork and the trailers. That means we'll be able to see the artwork and trailer in some number of weeks, but you can't see them 'till after the AFM in early November so that everyone gets a chance to go mad -- MAD I tell ya! -- and bid higher and higher... ahem.

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