Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Job in the World

I just wrote the following sentence in an action slug:

"She punches a DOOR RELEASE and an ARMY of ALIEN ZOMBIES rushes into the docking bay, overrunning and killing Tybalt."

In many ways, I have the best job in the world.
From the Save the Cat Community, auntieant says:

Break into 3 is actually a part of Prepare to Storm, and "Dig down Deep is part of realizing that "it's a trap" and segues into the "Final Battle"...

...Unless you are writing a 150-page epic, I'd say treat the beats as a maximum rather than a target.

13. Break into 3 (85): half a page of action/speech

14. Plan to storm Castle (85-90): 6 pages here; aim for 5

15. Enter the Bad Guys’ fort (90-95): 6 pages here; aim for 5

16. “It’s a trap!” (95-100): 6 pages here; aim for 5

17. “Dig deep down” (100): 1 page here; make it as short as possible - it's a moment of realization, not a sequence.

18. Final Battle (100-105): 6 pages here; aim for 5

19. Wrap-Up/Denouement (105-110): 6 pages here; probably aim for 4 TBH, (or 30 if you are Peter Jackson making a film about Hobbits) otherwise it gets a tad dull.

Then your --

20. Final Image (110): is a full or quarter page.

This equals 25 pages, and is about right IMO...

...I'd go here: http://www.rareform.com/screenplay-editor/beats.php and adapt the five-point finale accordingly. Fit your five point finale between pages 73 and 94.

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